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What your Animal Totem Means – Part 2

November 16th, 2008 by Dan Bodenstein

Here is part two of animal totem meanings. These animals, the mosquito, monkey, crab, orca, wolf, and guinea pig were requested by readers.

I added the osprey as a personal choice since I encountered one on a bike ride this weekend, and my wife wanted me to research cat.


Signs of irritation, yearning to “do something”, and stagnation. Is there something in your life your “itching to do”? Is something in your life irritating, or is there something stagnant in your life… something that needs stirring up? Are you irritating someone else?… or  Do you need to “annoy” someone to get them motivated. The mosquito entering your life may indicate the need to look into these irritations. (Requested by  WilliamTell)


Good Health, Eating habits, family protection, and using tools. Are you eating well? Too much junk, not enough natural fruits? Are you spending enough time with family, or maybe not enough? Are you using all the tools available to you in life to their fullest potential? The monkey represent an unseen need to improve your health through proper diet. Make sure you are utilizing all the tools you have at your disposal to their fullest potential. (Requested by Bloggeries)


Over protection, emotional, shyness, moving in any direction. Are you being too overprotective? or perhaps not protective enough? Do you need to come out of your shell, or maybe need to spend sometime alone. Is your live moving in the direction you feel it should? Do you need to change direction swiftly? The crab is very protective and may represent that aspect of your life. A crab can also move quickly in any direction without needing to face that direction. You may need to assess the direction your life, or recent decision is going in. (Requested by Bloggeries)

Orca (killer whale)

Awakening inner depths, personal creativity, inspiration. the power of song. If an orca appears in your life look within yourself to see if you are using your personal creativity to its full extension, or are you just building on someone elses creativity. Are you using music in your life to inspire you, or are you inspiring others with your song?  Explore the ability to inspire creativity in others, and assist them in awakening inner creativity. The orca, as a specific species, is a deception of its own. Are you scary looking but really not like the orca? (Requested by loverofjazz)


Guardianship, loyalty, spirit, and rituals. If the wolf appears to you ask yourself if you are tied up in daily rituals, or do you need more discipline to create a daily routine for yourself. Like the alpha male and female of he wolf pack, is it our job to protect others in your family, or are you lacking in your leadership responsibilities. Examine the loyalty in your life. Are you being loyal to the right people? Are people loyal to you? Find a balance to your rituals and loyalty like the wolf, and you will find true spirit. (Requested by  DukePro25)


Assertiveness, and hunting.  If the osprey appears to you it may be time to be more assertive, or less assertive. Are you giving it your all? Are you diving in all the way? How far will you go, and how long will you wait to achieve your goal.


Mystery, magic, and independence. Cats, like dogs have different aspects based on the breed. Cats are nighttime creatures, yet people usually want them to be “normal” by day. Cats are independent. If the cat is your totem it may be that you are not independent enough, or too independent. You may need more cuddle time in your life. Cats have excellent night vision. As your totem, the cat may be telling you there is something you need to see, that you can’t see in the normal light of the situation. It may also mean you are trying to see things that are not there. The cat is a powerful totem, and a atuned to mystery and magic.

Guinea Pig

Healing, spiritual communing, responsibility. If the guinea pig has entered your life, you may want to explore your spiritual practices. Are you being too narrow minded in your spiritual habits? You may need to open yourself up to new spiritual activities. Burrowing animals usually are a symbol of “bridging” to new possibilities. In some references, the Guinea pig is connected to gentleness, love, and the humane treatment of others. (Requested by  CrankyChick)

As with the previous article, if you have an animal you wish to learn more about, please reply in the comments section and I will do my best to research it for you.

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By Clair Cherry on May 28th, 2010 at 11:42 pm

Really great read! Honestly!

By Jo Mclaughlin on May 30th, 2010 at 6:04 am

Heh I’m actually the first comment to this amazing writing.


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